Anthurium faustomirandae ‘Faustino’s Giant’

We’re currently offering small plants, but this particular species can grow quite large over time (will eventually grow leaves 4 feet long).

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One of the most commonly misnamed or misspelled Anthuriums is Faustino’s Giant. Anthurium whitelockii doesn’t technically exist, but this plant was once called that until it was officially named faustomirandae. It’s commonly misspelled as faustinomirandae, faustinomiranda and even faustmirandae, but all of these are the same plant – Faustino’s Giant or faustomirandae as the correct species spelling.

Another common mistake with this plant is that a lot of websites call it the largest Anthurium in the world, which is definitely not true (Anthurium regale wins this title). Faustino’s Giant does grow rather large with 3-4 feet long leaves, but at best it is the largest Anthurium native to Mexico (regale is native to Peru).