Anthurium Forgetii

This Aroid is always desired by collectors because of it’s unique appearance. Unlike the other Anthuriums with white veins, forgetii doesn’t have lobes or a sinus at the top of the leaf, which provides the distinct oval shape. We have a limited number of these plants available in small sizes (leaves about 2″ long). PLEASE NOTE: these plants are healthy and have been hardened off in our greenhouse after importing, but some existing leaves on these plants will have some imperfections like small holes or tears. Just provide good humidity and bright indirect light and these plants will grow beautiful leaves for you in the future. Plants being sold are similar in size to the plant pictured, but the actual plant you receive can vary slightly (some are slightly bigger or smaller, some have more or less leaves, some have heavier or lighter veining).

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In the wild, A. forgetii is only found in Columbia, South America. It’s actually more common in private greenhouses and homes than it is in it’s natural habitat. The oval, velvety leaves have a shiny appearance and completely lacks lobes or a sinus. The plant itself and the leaves do not get very large – it’s one of the smaller white-veined Anthuriums.

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