Epipremnum Pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’ #1

This species changes dramatically when it’s a big, mature plant that has been able to grow up a totem or wooden stake. You’ll generally see this plant in hanging baskets with small blueish-green leaves. When it climbs, the leaves develop holes and splits plus they can easily be 12″ or longer, and the leaves still retain their blueish color when big! In cultivation, this is actually very difficult to achieve because you have to train the plain to grow on a small totem (and it can take years to get something this size). We’re releasing this Cebu Blue mother plant that is almost 3 feet tall and is simply amazing. Since it’s rooted to the wooden stake, this will be included when shipping to ensure the vine isn’t damaged (the plant will be bare-root otherwise though). This is something that you will very rarely see available for sale from any seller.

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