Philodendron Micans (6 Feet)

These are even BIGGER Philodendron micans that are vining around 6 feet tall (we also have 4 ft vines available) – the 6 ft vines are much more limited in quantity! With velvety, dark green leaves and deep red leaf backs, they’re quite stunning when grown correctly. We highly recommend growing them on a totem or even up the side of a tree if you live in a subtropical climate. When allowed to vine like our plants, they produce much larger leaves. PLEASE NOTE: Plants being sold are similar in size to the plant pictured (about 6 feet tall), but the actual plant you receive can vary slightly (some are slightly bigger or smaller, some have more or less leaves). Some existing leaves on these plants will have some imperfections like small holes or tears. Just provide good humidity and bright indirect light and these plants will grow beautiful leaves for you in the future.

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