Plant Reward: Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegated


Bulk Deal: 10+ Qty @ $90 $85 each

Approximate Plant Reward Size: 4″ Pot With 3-4 Leaves

Often sold for $200+, these plants are actually easy to grow and propagate. We already have a decent mother stock at work and will make them available for a much more affordable price.

Even at this more juvenile size, the plants look quite impressive. However, many people don’t realize that this plant looks different as a adult. It starts how you see it pictured and grows like a scrambling vine. When that vine reaches something to climb, it will latch on and vine up (this can be simulated in cultivation with a totem). As it grows up and supports it’s own weight, the leaves will begin to show fenestrations and get much larger! These much larger leaves are still variegated as well.

This reward requires an additional shipping cost of $9 for the first reward plant and an additional $1 for each plant after the first. Multiple quantities can be purchased and can be combined with other reward offers.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is a donation for the Grow Eden Project, our crowdfunding initiative to move EdenCPs to SW Florida. This will allow for a massive expansion to our growing area so we can bring you much cheaper prices, better availability, even healthier plants and extremely fast shipping. When you purchase this listing, you’ll receive a Variegated Epipremnum Pinnatum as a reward! Rewards will be delivered in the order they are purchased and will begin shipping no later than Summer 2020, but the actual shipping time for your reward will vary and can depend on multiple factors so your plants may take longer to deliver. Reward plants will be shipped bare-root. Learn more about the Grow Eden Project.

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