Alocasia Silver Dragon

Available plants are HUGE and spectacular – pictured in 6″ round pots! Among the most highly sought after of all Alocasia species is baginda (also sometimes called cuprea). There are a number of different forms of baginda including the green dragonscale and this silver dragon variety which is very similar but more of a white / silver color with dark purple veins.

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Despite the rarity of this plant, it is actually quite easy to care for and doesn’t require any special conditions that other Alocasias and Aroids do not normally require. In general, you’ll want to keep the silver dragon at temperatures above 60°F for the best growth. They’re hardy to a lower temp, but collectors generally don’t want their tropical plants dying back to the surface because it will take them months to recover. With warm temperatures, a well-draining soil mixture, bright indirect light and a bit of humidity it will thrive under your care.