Shipping Terms

PLEASE NOTE: All plants are shipped bare-root. Upon receiving your plants from us, please pot them in a soil media for Aroids (we recommend 40% Fine Orchid Bark, 40% Perlite and 20% Peat Moss). We generally ship on Monday – Thursday each week. Most orders are shipped within 5 business days of payment, but when many sales are received in a short period of time it may take up to two weeks to ship your purchase. Since we guarantee live arrival, we reserve the right to hold plant shipments longer than the two week time period during severe weather, especially winter storms that can quickly kill these plants – any delayed shipments for weather will be sent out as quickly as possible as soon as it is safe to ship again. All plants sold are healthy and have been hardened off in our greenhouse after importing or propagated ourselves, but some existing leaves on these plants will have some imperfections like small holes, tears, wrinkles or browned edges. Just provide good humidity and bright indirect light and these plants will grow beautiful leaves for you in the future. Plants being sold are similar in size to the plant pictured, but the actual plant you receive can vary slightly (some are slightly bigger or smaller, some have more or less leaves, some have heavier or lighter veining, some have more or less variegation) – Only plants from the “Plant Purge” section are sold as pictured.

REFUND & SHIPPING POLICY: We take great pride and care while shipping every single plant. Root balls are wrapped and the entire plant is wrapped in packing paper. Despite this care, it is still possible that something can happen to your package during transit that is out of our control. We guarantee live arrival of our plants as long as you use USPS Priority Express or UPS 3-Day Select as your shipping method (no live arrival guarantee with USPS Priority Mail because of shipping delays with that service), but we cannot guarantee every single plant will be completely free of cosmetic imperfections. If you receive a plant that has any cosmetic damage from shipping then please keep in mind that the damage is just limited to the current leaves but a healthy plant will continue to grow and make new leaves that won’t have those imperfections. If your plant doesn’t look it’s best upon arrival, please give it high humidity, good airflow, a proper Aroid soil media (orchid bark, perlite and peat) and bright indirect light – it will recover from shipping quickly and grow new leaves. If you receive a plant that is dead upon arrival, please take a picture of it immediately and submit a refund request to us within 24 hours here: If you receive a plant that looks like it may be in-between life and death, please document it by taking a picture immediately and contacting us through the support link within 24 hours to let us know – upon our discretion, we may be able to offer a replacement or refund for some situations. Refunds will only be provided for living plants once we receive the plant back (we pay for return shipping). We are not responsible for plants once you have received them, but we are happy to help with growing advice when needed (just contact us through the support link if you have any questions). If you need your order shipped on a specific date (at least 3 business days in the future), please provide this information in the ‘Order notes’ at the bottom of this page. All orders are final and cannot be canceled after payment is received.