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This crowdfunding project has ended - donations are non longer being accepted.
Grow Eden Project Update - July 13, 2020
With your help, we can change the plant industry in the USA to make tropical Aroids like Alocasia, Anthurium, Monstera and Philodendron much more affordable and easier to obtain.
Tropical collector plants are incredibly beautiful, but they can be downright expensive and extremely difficult to find specific types when you want them. These plants do not grow in the USA natively, so they must be imported to get them into the country (which is why they are so expensive).
Here's the real problem - there are ZERO large scale plant nurseries in the USA that exclusively focus on tropical collector plants. With your help, that will quickly change so you can finally get your hands on your favorite and most sought after plants for a price that won't break your bank account.
EdenCPs is a family owned nursery currently located in South Carolina. We are primarily run by a husband and wife team, Ryan and Sara Stevenson. Sara is well-known in the Aroid community and is the creator and founder of the extremely popular Plant Purge USA Facebook group that has around 17,000 members.
EdenCPs is already in business selling tropical collector plants for affordable prices. In just the last six months of 2019 we've sold and shipped more than 5,000 plants! Even though our customers already thank us for our incredibly low prices, we can do even better with your help. We already have the knowledge and experience to grow, produce and sell these plants. By scaling our production even larger we will face some challenges, but we're extremely confident that we can overcome any issues and fulfill our vision by making these amazing plants accessible to anyone that wants them.
Even though we already offer some of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere on rare tropical plants, we also know that these plants could be sold for even less by propagating them on a large scale here in the USA. To scale up, we simply need much more growing space and a more tropical environment to make that growing space more affordable.
This is where we need your help to accomplish this goal quickly. EdenCPs is prepared to move the business from South Carolina to Southwest Florida. However, moving the business and purchasing a large property is very expensive.
On our own, it will likely take 2-4 years to achieve this goal. With your help, we can do it in about 6 months and be ready to deliver extremely affordable plants to you as early as Summer 2020!
To raise the funds needed to achieve this goal, we are running a crowdfunding campaign - the Grow Eden Project. We are asking for donations to reach a minimum goal of $50,000, but if we are able to raise more than this amount then it will allow us to supercharge our plans and ultimately bring you even cheaper plants faster.
Although we're asking for donations, you will actually receive some amazing rewards for your help. At the bottom of this page you will find a listing of each of the rewards - simply make a donation to receive each reward (you can purchase multiple rewards to get exactly what you want). These rewards include some of the most sought after collector plants and gift cards for our website.
These rewards are time-sensitive offers only for the Grow Eden Project. We will sell these plants in the future once all rewards are fulfilled, but we cannot guarantee that these rewards will ever be available again at these prices.
Why Not Kickstarter? You may wonder why we're not running this crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We were considering it but ultimately their donation and reward system isn't really suited for plants. In general, when someone backs a kickstarter campaign they receive a single product, but many of our customers will want more than one type of plant. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to run a Kickstarter campaign in that manner so we decided to host the campaign on our own website instead so you can choose the exact combination of rewards you want. Kickstarter also takes 5% of all donations, so hosting this campaign on our own allows more of your money to go straight to the plants! Kickstarter does not actually offer protection for buyers, contrary to popular belief (something they state in their FAQs). They are also mainly used for technology and gaming related projects, so their traffic base would likely not be interested in plants either.
How Your Donation Benefits You Long-Term
  • Amazing Rewards - The plant rewards being offered for your donation are simply unobtainable anywhere else for the price, so this is a great opportunity to get your dream plant at a cost that isn't a nightmare.
  • Much Lower Prices - With a large scale tropical collector plant nursery in the USA, we will produce thousands of these plants in the country and wipe out the enormous import expenses that cause these plants to be so pricey. In fact, we will be able to sell many plants CHEAPER than their current wholesale cost to import! As a hobbyist and buyer of these plants, this will translate to major savings for you over time.
  • High Availability - The most frustrating thing about buying collector plants is how hard they are to find. You have to become a professional plant hunter and write, call and drive to nurseries all over the country. You get excited when you finally find a nursery that grows the plant you want only to find out they are completely sold out! Sound familiar? We know this story because we have experienced it ourselves hundreds of times trying to find the best plants for our customers. It DOES NOT have to be this way though. EdenCPs can be a one-stop shop for almost any collectors Aroid you want, and we will do our best to keep as many in stock as possible.
  • Fast Shipping & Customer Support - We are all used to buying from Amazon these days where you order one day and have your purchase a couple days later. By scaling up and employing a packing crew we will be able to ship every single order received in no more than two business days! We already strive to offer fast customer support, but we will be able to improve on this aspect even better as we grow.
  • Extremely Healthy, Established Plants - Beyond prices and availability, the other current problem with the Aroid industry is plant quality. Small sellers will import these plants from overseas, which takes a long time. Once they finally receive the plants, they are often desperate to recoup their investment, so they immediately post the plants for sale online. In some cases, these freshly imported plants will be chopped up into unrooted cuttings and promptly sold. Many of these sellers do not even have the proper growing conditions, so they must sell new plants before they show too much decline. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! With the space to produce our own plants, EdenCPs will always deliver the most healthy Aroids you have ever seen - amazing root systems, well-hardened and actively growing plants.
For donation amounts ranging from $12 up to $790, we are offering plant rewards. There is NO LIMIT on the quantity of each plant or the number of plants you can receive! Donations for plant rewards do not include shipping costs - this is added during checkout for $9 for the first plant and $1 for each additional plant.

The plant rewards being offered are some of the most sought after collector plants including Anthurium, Monstera, Epipremnum and Philodendron - full list on the right.

To make a donation to the Grow Eden Project and receive a plant reward, scroll to the bottom of this page. Find the plant reward you want and add that donation offer to your shopping cart. You can add multiple offers to your cart and even change the purchase quantity on each offer - each donation offer purchased will give you another reward plant!
If you don't see a specific plant you want in our reward list, don't worry - we will be stocking many more varieties in the future for extremely cheap prices. If you are likely to shop on in the future and want to support the Grow Eden Project, we have discounted gift cards available as rewards. This also makes a great gift donation for a plant lover since they will get to use the gift card to buy anything they want. This gift card can be purchased in any quantity to reach any donation amount.
Grow Eden Project Budget, Stretch Goals & Timeline
We have planned the Grow Eden Project to have a flexible budget so we can successfully fund our plans with any level of support from this crowdfunding campaign. A big part of the Grow Eden Project is transparency. As this project proceeds we will be updating all backers to keep them informed of our progress. In this same regard we are also sharing our budgeting plans with the project as a whole.

Please remember that these rewards will not be shipped immediately - we will be using these donations to drastically expand EdenCPs and propagate these plants in bulk to provide these prices. Our goal is to ship the first rewards no later than July 2020, but some types of plants and later orders may take longer to deliver. All donation packages offer some type of reward - we are NOT offering equity or any kind of financial return. All backers will be invited to join the Grow Eden Project newsletter that will keep you up to date on our progress so you will have a general idea of when your rewards will ship. The types of plants being offered in the Grow Eden Project will NOT be available for sale on our public website until all Rewards from this project are fulfilled. This means that if you want any of the plants we're offering for a really cheap price anytime in the near future then the Grow Eden Project is the only way to get them (likely until sometime in 2021).

PLEASE NOTE - We guarantee to fulfill all rewards for the Grow Eden Project or provide a 100% refund. If we do not reach our minimum funding level, we will STILL be providing all rewards as planned. Again, if we're unable to fulfill our obligations for any reason, you will get a complete refund.

Thank you for your support and being a part of our plant family,
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