Alocasia Cuprea

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured plant is in a 6″ pot. Plants being sold are similar in size to the plant pictured, but the actual plant you receive can vary slightly (some are slightly bigger or smaller, some have more leaves, etc).

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This highly sought after Aroid has beautiful green veining on the front of a leaf that is shaped similar to an arrow head and it has a stunning deep red color on the back of the leaves – it’s stunning look combined with the rarity has made it one of the “Jewel” Alocasias that are considered the crown jewels of the entire genus. Out of nearly 80 Alocasia species, the cuprea is one of the most stunning and desirable of them all. The green veined form we offer for sale is just one of a number of different types. There is also a “Red Secret” that is a deep red color, a mirror cuprea that is shiny, and a white form, and there is even Alocasia baginda dragon scale and silver dragon (these two are commonly called cuprea and look very similar). Each plant has it’s own unique characteristics that make it special. The standard form we have available has colors that contrast perfectly together – a paler green main leaf front color with dark veins that go up the leaf from a central vein to give a rib cage appearance along with a striking red back to the leaves.

The plant itself can reach heights of about 3 feet with leaves that are almost a foot and a half long. It is a very rewarding plant for any collector, especially since it isn’t difficult to grow. If you grow any other Aroids, just provide your cupreas with the same conditions – bright, indirect light with warm temperatures and humidity. In general, you never want to let your plant experience temperatures below 45°F because it will go dormant and lower than that, a frost will typically kill it or at least cause it to die back to the soil (they’re technically hardy to USDA Zone 11). The plants will do best when kept warm but below 85°F. However, they can definitely tolerate brief jumps into the mid-90s as long as humidity is high and the soil isn’t too dry.

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