Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ‘Raven’

The Raven ZZ is a dark foliage plant that is extremely easy to grow and care for.
When new growth emerges the leaves are a dark green and as they mature and harden off they turn completely jet back with a glossy, waxy finish.

Thriving on neglect, this particular plant has very low watering requirements and can grow in lower lighting.
This is a cultivar of the African-born green form of the ZZ plant.

The ZZ plant likes to be kept in a well draining soil and only needs to be watered every 3 weeks or so. It should be kept out of full or direct sun as this will cause the jet black leaves to burn and crisp off. As with all other plants regular fertilization is a must, we use time release pellets every 3-4 months with a high nitrogen content. Always use as clean water as you can manage such as rainwater, reverse osmosis, spring or distilled. Some tap water can contain harmful minerals that can harm your plants.

ZZ’s grow at their base from potato-like tubers. Don’t be afraid to un-pot your plant to get a better look at how these amazing plants grow, they are extremely resilient.

Pictured in a 6″ pot. This is a plant purge listing – the exact plant pictured is the one for sale, so only one is available.
There are several plants in this pot and you can see the new growth starting to pop up at the soil line in little points.

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